Health and Human Rights

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  1. Policy Brief: Mental Health and Human Rights
  2. Health and Human Rights
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  4. Right to health | Attorney-General's Department

The human right to freedom from discrimination and discriminatory social practices, including female genital mutilation, prenatal gender selection, and female infanticide. The human right to education and access to information relating to health, including reproductive health and family planning to enable couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly all matters of reproduction and sexuality. The human right of the child to an environment appropriate for physical and mental development. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance The steps to be taken States Parties shall Both insufficient development leading to poverty and inappropriate development The primary health needs of the world's population Major goals By the year By States should take all appropriate measures to ensure, on a basis of equality of men and women, universal access to health-care services, including those related to reproductive health care The role of women as primary custodians of family health should be recognized and supported.

Access to basic health care, expanded health education, the availability of simple cost-effective remedies We are determined to The enjoyment of this right is vital to their life and well-being and their ability to participate in all areas of public and private life Women's health involves their emotional, social and physical well-being and is determined by the social, political and economic context of their lives, as well as by biology To attain optimal health, Beginner Level. Hours to complete. Available languages. English Subtitles: English.

Policy Brief: Mental Health and Human Rights

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Welcome to the Course 11m. Reading 9 readings.

Who we are 10m. Our Textbook 10m. Assignments 10m. Complete a brief pre-course survey 10m.

What resources are available to you? Visit internationalwomenshealth.

First principles of health justice: a human right to be healthy - Sridhar Venkatapuram - TEDxLSHTM

Sharing your work 10m. Create a local group 10m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Complete the survey 2m. Video 6 videos. Why do we take a human rights lens? Son Preference Conclusion 28s. Week 1 Final Remarks 25s. Reading 8 readings. About this Module 10m. Women's Health, Poverty and Rights [Textbook] 10m. About Akila Radhakrishnan 10m. About Helen Stacy 10m. A Deadly Preference 10m.

Health and Human Rights

Quiz 2 practice exercises. Video 5 videos. Introduction to Education 2m. Lynn Murphy on "Learning vs. Schooling" 32m.

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Professor Wu Qing from China 7m. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg from Kenya 18m. Week 2 Final Remarks 29s. Reading 10 readings. Chapter 3. Childhood: the Hope of Education and the Persistence of Discrimination 10m. About Lynn Murphy 10m.


About Wu Qing 10m. About Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg 10m. Check Your Learning: Education 18m. Video 4 videos. Female Genital Mutilation 4m. World Health Organization 10m. Check-in on FGM 2m. Video 8 videos. Why South Africa? What is 'structural violence'? Changing Paradigms 5m. Orphans in Africa 5m. Reading 11 readings. Women Are Not Just Transmitters 10m. About Dr.

Gene Richardson Stanford 10m.

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  7. About G. E 10m. About this Quiz 10m. Show More. Introduction to Reproductive Health 4m. Caitilin Gerdts on Reproductive Health 2m. Unwanted Pregnancy, Contraception, and Abortion 25m. Safe abortion in Nepal - a success story 8m.

    Right to health | Attorney-General's Department

    Why Did Mrs. X Die? Final Remarks on Sexual Health 53s. Reading 16 readings. Why Child Marriage Persists 10m. Spiraling Discourses of Reproductive and Sexual Rights 10m.


    Activism for Sexual and Reproductive Rights 10m. Advancing women's reproductive and sexual health rights: Using the International Human Rights system 10m. About Ipas 10m. Outcomes in Nepal 10m.