Migration (Key Ideas in Geography)

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    kirfany: PDF⋙ Migration (Key Ideas in Geography) by Michael Samers, Michael Collyer

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    Chapter 3 Key Issue 3 - Migration - AP Human Geography

    Recent approaches to the study of queer migration politics and diaspora, while appearing to serve only a select set of research interests within geography, have tremendous potential in advancing the study of geographies of migration at large. Most notably, they can: illuminate the impossible positions migrants often occupy; challenge diasporic norms over authenticity; destabilize conventional understandings of gender, nation and home; bring a coalitional understanding of politics to the fore of migration analysis; and situate diasporic experiences within present and future possibilities for new ways of expressing intimacy and kinship beyond the limited scope of nationality and citizenship.

    Connecting the spots

    Unfortunately, while feminist gender-sensitive approaches to migration now occupy a central place in the geographic study of migration, the often interrelated and overlapping queer approaches to migration continue to be under represented. For more information on what cookies are and how you can manage and remove them click here.

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