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The Partition displaced between 10 and 12 million people along religious lines. This book provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the resettlement and rehabilitation of Partition refugees in Pakistani Punjab between and It weaves a chronological and thematic plot into a single narrative, and focuses on the Punjabi refugee middle and upper-middle class.

Emphasising the everyday experience of the state, the author challenges standard interpretations of the resettlement of Partition refugees in the region and calls for a more nuanced understanding of their rehabilitation. The use of Pakistani documents, US and British records and a careful survey of both the judicial records and the Urdu and English-language dailies of the time, provides an invaluable window onto the everyday life of a state, its institutions and its citizens.

A carefully researched study of both the state and the everyday lives of refugees as they negotiated resettlement, through both personal and official channels, the book offers an important reinterpretation of the first years of Pakistani history.

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It will be of interest to academics working in the field of refugee resettlement and South Asian History and Politics. Taking a thematic approach, the chapters show a coherent progression of this development and contextualise the evolution of the role of women in medieval Mongol society. The arrangement serves as a starting point from where to draw comparison with the status of Mongol women in the later period.

Exploring patterns of continuity and transformation in the status of these women in different periods of the Mongol Empire as it expanded westwards into the Islamic world, the book offers a view on the transformation of a nomadic-shamanist society from its original homeland in Mongolia to its settlement in the mostly sedentary-Muslim Iran in the midth century. To the British eye, images of the remains of past civilisations allowed, indeed stimulated, philosophical meditations on the rise and decline of entire empires.

This important study of a highly appealing but relatively neglected body of work adds multiple dimensions to the history of art and image production in Britain of the period, showing how the anxieties of empire were encoded in the genre of landscape paintings and prints. This book represents the first serious consideration of Ismaili-Shia esotericism in material and architectural terms, as well as of pre-modern conceptions of religious plurality in rituals and astrology.

The book shows this connection in light of current scholarly work on the subject, historical sources, and most importantly, metaphysics and archaeological evidence. The monuments of the Suhrawardi Order, which are derived from the basic lodges set up by Pir Shams in the region, constitute a unique building archetype. The story of how one tribal family claimed the legacy of Chinggis Qan in Persia.

Studies in Turkic and Mongolic Linguistics

The period of Middle Eastern history between the collapse of the Mongol Ilkhanate in and the rise of Timur Tamerlane at the end of the fourteenth century is commonly seen as a tumultuous time of political breakdown and disorder. This book helps to make sense of this confusing period by tracing the origins, history and memory of the Jalayirid dynasty, a family that succeeded the Mongol Ilkhans in Iran and Iraq in the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries and claimed to be the rightful heirs of the Chinggisid Mongols.

The story of how the Jalayirids came to power is illustrative of the political dynamics that shaped much of the Mongol and post-Mongol period in the Middle East.

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Urbanisation is rapidly changing the geographic and social landscape of India, and indeed Asia as a whole. Issues of collective violence, urban poverty and discrimination become crucial factors in the redefinition of citizenship not only in legal terms, but also in a cultural and socio-economic dimension. While Indian cities are becoming the centres of a culture of exclusion against vulnerable social groups, a long-term perspective is essential to understand the patterns that shaped the space, politics, economy and culture of contemporary metropolises.

The idea that urban growth goes hand in hand with the modernisation of the country does not account for the fact that increasingly higher portions of the urban population are comprised of lower-income groups, casual labourers and slum dwellers. Using the case study of Ahmedabad, this book investigates the history of city and of its people over the twentieth century.

It analyses the contrasting relationship between urban authorities and the inhabitants of Ahmedabad and examines instances of antagonism and negotiation — amongst people, groups and between the people and the public authority — that have continuously shaped, transformed and redefined life in the city. This book offers an important tool for understanding the bigger context of the conflicts, the social and cultural issues that accompanied the broader process of urbanisation in contemporary India.

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It will be of interest to scholars of Urban History, studies of collective violence and South Asian Studies. The result is this new interpretation of the beginnings of Protestant Christianity in China. For more than four centuries Macau was the centre of Portuguese trade and culture on the South China Coast. Until the founding of Hong Kong and the opening of other ports in the s, it was also the main gateway to China for independent British merchants and their only place of permanent residence.

Drawing extensively on Portuguese as well as British sources, The British Presence in Macau traces Anglo-Portuguese relations in South China from the first arrival of English trading ships in the s to the establishment of factories at Canton, the beginnings of the opium trade, and the Macartney Embassy of This reissue of the text brings together material which is now almost inaccessible.

Paul Wittek was one of the leading Ottoman historians of his generation, and became the first holder of the Chair of Turkish at the University of London. These volumes contain a copy of the original text of the Cheitharon Kumpapa , the Court Chronicle of the Kings of Manipur, which is authorised by the Palace, and the English translation from the original composed in archaic Manipuri script Meetei Mayek.

Explanatory notes and a glossary complement this interesting source of information. The text will be useful for those readers engaged in social anthropology, religious history, archaeology, human geography and linguistics. For thirty years in India at the cusp of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Henry Thomas Colebrooke was an administrator and scholar with the East India Company. Highlighting how his unprecedented familiarity with a broad range of literature established him as the leading scholar of Sanskrit and president of the Asiatic Society in Calcutta, it shows how Colebrooke went on to found the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and set standards for western Indology.

Written by renowned academics in the field of Indology, and drawing on new sources, this biography is a useful contribution to the reassessment of Oriental studies that is currently taking place. Exploring violent confrontation between the state and the population in colonial and post-colonial India, this book is both a study of the many techniques of colonial coercion and state violence and a cultural history of the different ways in which Indians imbued practices of punishment with their own meanings and reinterpreted acts of state violence in their own political campaigns.

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This book examines Thumri Lyrics, a major genre of Hindustani music, from a primarily linguistic perspective. On a cultural level, it discusses the interface between devotional and secular poetry. Furthermore, it explains the impact of social and political change on the musical life of North India. Well-written and thoroughly researched, this book is a valuable contribution to the field of South Asian studies.

The state of Bhopal, a Muslim principality in central India, was ruled by a succession of female rulers throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, most notably the last Begam of Bhopal, Nawab Sultan Jahan Begam. Siobhan Lambert-Hurley puts forward the importance for early Muslim female activists to balance continuity and innovation.

This work puts forward a critical re-examination of the key Indian concepts of painting described in the Sanskrit treatises, called citrasutras.

2nd Edition

In an in-depth and systematic analysis of the texts on the theory of Indian painting, it critically examines the different ways in which the texts have been interpreted and used in the study of Indian painting, and suggests a new approach to reading and understanding their concepts. The s to s witnessed the rise and dominance of a political culture across much of North India which combined unprecedented levels of mobilization and organization with an effective de-politicization of politics.

The scope and arguments of this book make an innovative contribution to the historiography of modern South Asia, by focusing on the middle-class milieu which was the epicentre of this new political culture. Routledge, ISBN: With contributions from renowned experts in the field, this book provides an excellent background to the history of Anglo-Iranian relations. This is the first work to examine systematically the British occupation of Indonesia after the Second World War.

Gerard Clauson

The occupation by British-Indian forces between and bridged the gap between the surrender of Japan and the resumption of Dutch rule, and this book is a reappraisal of the conduct on the ground of that British Occupation. Contrary to previous studies, it demonstrates that occupation was neither exclusively pro-Dutch nor pro-Indonesian; nor was it the orderly affair portrayed in the official histories.

Richard McMillan draws upon a wide range of sources previously unavailable to scholars — such as recently declassified government papers and papers in private archives; he has also carried out revealing interviews with key players. Muslims in India today are responding to the challenge of religious pluralism in a variety of ways. This book explores the attempts being made by scholar-activists and Muslim organisations to develop new understandings of Islam to relate to people of other faiths and to the modern nation-state, and to deal with issues such as democracy and secularism.

It examines how a common predicament, characterised by a sense of siege and the perception of being an oppressed minority, is producing new expressions of Islam, some of which seek to relate to non-Muslims in terms of confrontation, and others which call for dialogue, reconciliation and inter-faith harmony. Brian Houghton Hodgson lived in Nepal from to , during which time he wrote and published extensively on Nepalese culture, religion, natural history, architecture, ethnography and linguistics.

Many of the drawings photographed for this book have not previously been published. This famous work from the Royal Asiatic Society is an indispensable tool for all serious students of Persian literature, history and culture, and a welcome companion to Persian literature in its most glorious period. This volume is the second, revised edition of three parts published in and This book investigates how the material culture of South Indian courts was perceived by those who lived there in the pre-colonial period.

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They were married in Their daughter, Irene, was born in Now Mrs. The next fifteen years of Dr. Pritsak was intimately involved in every aspect of the operation. His reviews and notices of these works number several hundred. Pritsak's own research was by then concentrated in two areas: historical Altaic linguistics and comparative grammar of Turkic languages. All this activity, of course, was in addition to his teaching. Director's Welcome Commentary.

Remembering Omeljan Pritsak on His th Birthday.